For more details please contact the school directly.. You can also view them on a map: admin says: 2016-01-20 at 11:05 pm. So, school catchment areas: more complicated than you might have thought. Hi Matt, There is currently none existed for Sydney that I am aware of for high school catchment areas. Please click on the links below to view low resolution catchment area maps for each school: Large scale catchment area maps can be viewed at … Cluster schools. Every public school reserves enough places within their school for students in their local enrolment area. While being resident within the catchment area of a school is not the highest category within the Admissions Policy, it is higher than those applying from outside the catchment area. However, the heart of Liverpool actually offers … Reply. Read our admission booklets to find information about all infant, junior, primary and secondary schools in Essex.. Ofsted inspections. 28 February 2018 and 28 February 2019 - Determined by individual school 'Determined Admission Arrangements'. School catchment area search. Each address also has an associated primary and secondary Catholic school. Include item in auto-suggest/search results . Search Priority . Every address in Stockport falls within the catchment area of one primary and one secondary school. School Catchment/Associated Areas Every address in Stockport falls within the catchment area of only 1 Primary & 1 Secondary Community school. Priority for these schools will instead be based on a child's nearest school. Find a school Catchment area finder. The parent or carer's address decides the child's catchment school. Each school in Sheffield has a designated catchment area from which it admits its pupils. We have summarised thousands of Ofsted reports, SATs results and GCSE results to help you find the information you need quickly and simply. The information above shows the traditional primary and secondary school(s) catchment area(s) that serve your address. Enter your address, or postcode: Enter your address details below to find your catchment area schools. These maps can be accessed using the external links below. On the map, zoom out (-) to view catchment area boundaries - a red line for primary schools and a purple line for secondary schools. Search for an Ofsted report for any school in Essex. Find out more about school catchment areas in Aberdeenshire in our guide to school catchment areas (pdf 516KB).. Enter your postcode, or the first line of your address, in the 'Search' box. Search for your postcode/address to view the school catchments for your area: Back Clear . Community and Academy secondary schools. Scottish councils usually divide towns and country areas into catchments and children living in a catchment area will usually go to the same local school. This tool is valid for 2019/2020 academic year. School Catchment Areas. School catchment areas. The school catchment areas that operate within Staffordshire are in the main historic and would have been drawn up to take account of a range of factors including parish/ward/natural boundaries, local populations, location of schools and school transport links. Children living in these catchment areas will have higher priority within the oversubscription criteria than children living outside these catchment areas. Page owned by Claire MarshallSwales, last updated on 04/09/2020.This page has been viewed 76,864 times. Do you know where I can find a map for High School catchment areas? Areas that use this approach include Leeds City Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Surrey County Council. All of our schools cover areas known as catchment areas. Summary; View on Map ; Now select the school catchment to view from this list: Location . Check which school's catchment area you live in View contact details for all of our primary schools View contact details for all of our secondary schools Find which school zone you live in Check the school zone map List of Aberdeen City schools All Secondary Schools continue up to 6th year and have a Pupil Support Centre. Look up postcode and road name list - catchment areas Catchment areas form part of admission arrangments therefore to be read in conjunction with Southend-on-sea Primary and the Secondary Admission Booklets, the in-year admissions booklets, the SchoolAdmissions Code 2014 and the SBC Determined arrangements. Please note, it's important to search for the property number and street name, and not only the postcode, in order to be provided with the correct school catchments. High School Catchment Areas Road/Postcode search. Find out about schools, how to contact a school, admissions, schools term dates, school meals, additional support needs, outdoor learning, school transport, Educational Psychology Service, research in schools and music lessons. This grouping of primary, ASN and secondary schools is known as the Learning Community. Schools, colleges and academies. Wakefield Council County Hall Bond Street Wakefield WF1 2QL. Enter your postcode and then click on notepad icon beside the address to view catchment details. Catchment areas. The end. Select your address from the list. Secondary school catchments have an intake from several primary and ASN schools. Catchment areas Your child will usually go to the school in their catchment area. The States online mapping service, Digimap, provides simple maps showing the Primary catchment areas. Some schools operate extended catchments for school admissions purposes beyond the areas recognised by the Local Authority for home to school travel assistance. Postcode House No Street Name Search. Look up postcode and road name list - catchment areas Catchment areas form part of admission arrangments therefore to be read in conjunction with Southend-on-sea Primary and the Secondary Admission Booklets, … Zoom out until street name and house numbers are visible. What catchment area am I in? Living in a catchment area does not guarantee a place at that school. Each address falls within the catchment area for one of the community secondary schools. A school catchment area is an area served by a school. Catchment areas. **Data Notes:** * NSW public schools have defined local enrolment areas, meaning that every child is entitled to enrol in a particular school based on his or her residential address. Please note that Kellands School, Strathburn School and Uryside School zones are changing from August 2020. Nottinghamshire community and voluntary controlled schools all have a designated catchment area. Catholic schools use different admission arrangements. From September 2019 onwards, the secondary school a student attends has been determined by their primary school rather than the catchment area in which they live. You can view the catchment area map when you search for a school or on the school's website. But catchment areas are usually defined by the distance from the school that the last pupil was offered a place in the previous year and this can increase and decrease year on year making it impossible to set a catchment line inside which a pupil will one hundred percent gain admission to the school. Find your local school using EdMap - the interactive map of Queensland school catchments. Find your schools catchment area online using your postcode below: Find your schools catchment area Secondary Catchment Area Map: Secondary Catchment Areas Map Download (2.04MB) Parents of pupils due to be admitted into reception classes or transfer schools will also be sent details of their catchment area school in writing with their application information. School Admissions. Our school search lets you find addresses and contact details for over 50,000 educational establishments. Midlothian School Catchment Areas, user guide . Contact us. Section / Topic . Contact: If you live in the Essex administrative area, you can find out if your address is in the priority admission (catchment) area for a school.. Find school information. Some church schools also admit children from a wider area than their defined catchment area on religious grounds. Medium. You can apply to any school but children living in the catchment area get priority when allocating places. Each individual household address in Fife is associated to: Priority Areas for Fairfield Park Lower School catchment area From September 2019, Fairfield Park Lower School will have priority areas (PDF 160.9KB) in the school’s catchment area to determine which one of the two school sites a child will attend if a place is allocated at the school. Just type in your postcode and it will indicate your school catchment area. Of course most people only have to try and understand one of these approaches for the area they live in. Midlothian school catchment areas map on ArcGIS Select catchment layer If you are looking for more information on 2020/2021 allocations, or have been sent a letter, please contact the School Admissions Team on 0115 841 5568 or at I am looking at possibly doing one, however I could not afford the time investment right now. ... Find my school catchment area Search Addresses. Your home will be within one of these geographical areas, defined by your postcode and house number. Enter your postcode and then click on notepad icon beside the address to view catchment details. *Postcode Fife Council manage their school places by operating a "catchment" system to enable parents/carers to comply with their duty to provide efficient education for their child(ren). From September 2019 catchment areas will no longer be used for admissions to lower schools in Leighton Buzzard, including Hockliffe and Stanbridge. Secondary School admissions guide [15Mb] In most cases someone will live within one catchment area for both a primary school and a secondary school, although in some cases school catchment areas overlap. School catchments. To view the primary school catchment area for your address, please enter your street name or postcode into the box below and select your address from the list. The city centre might come as an expected postcode on the list of the most sought-after catchment areas on Merseyside. Complete street name or postcode and click search .