Containing the following complete set of utens Our Starter Kit comes with a Matcha Maker and bags of Premium and Signature Matcha Leaf. This kit contains a high-grade matcha with a velvety smooth texture, a tea strainer for breaking up clumps in matcha powder, a bamboo tea ladle for scooping matcha, a whisk for whisking matcha, and a whisk stand for storing the whisk (A matcha tea bowl is not included). Here are 20 matcha-flavored snacks that you should consider for souvenirs. Filled with 60 Japanese Kit Kats in 18 different flavors, this box contains Japan's most popular Kit Kat flavors. Matcha also has anti-bacterial and deodorant agent that encourages anti-aging and helps tighten pores. Article by Brianna. Pre-ground matcha gets stale, altering its taste, appearance, and nutritional value. The flavor is a robust balance of sugar (white chocolate and sakura sweetness), spice (white pepper and cinnamon ) and green (oak leaves, matcha, and fresh-cut spring flowers). 45 Matcha Kit Kats can be purchased online at Amazon. Kyoto Uji Matcha Kit Kat Matcha from Uji Kyoto is known for being top quali-tea. There you will find two of the most incredible Kit Kat flavors around: Uji Matcha Kit Kat, from Uji, one of Japan's most famous green tea producing regions, and Uji Hojicha Kit Kat, which are made from roasted Uji green tea. May be enjoyed iced or hot! We only use ECOCERT certified organic matcha grown in Kyoko Japan. $10.00 Add to Favorites The beautiful full-color gift box includes a traditional matcha bowl, bamboo scoop, bamboo whisk and whisk holder, our high-quality bamboo serving tray and 50g of our premium quality matcha. Order Now Shop Matcha Tea Ware Tiger Matcha-Merch Introducing our exclusive line of 100% Pure & Authentic Matcha sourced from the bountiful lands of Shizuoka, Japan. A premium kit for matcha fans. Explore ★Tsuki★'s photos on Flickr. Our organic premium green tea is sourced from Japan and the condensed milk is made from Real California Milk from Copper Cow Coffee. These Kit Kats matches Yuzu, Japan's famous citrus fruit with Matcha, Japan's original tea together, bringing you the most traditional flavor from Japan. 2. Dressed up in Halloweeny violet-colored white chocolate it promises all the flavor goodness of an apple pie in a KitKat. This particular Kit Kat can only be found in Kyoto. I love matcha, and I also love that Nestle Japan has, like, 5 different versions of matcha Kit Kats. There's the Green Tea Kit Kats you'll find in supermarkets, drug stores, and convenience stores. For the true tea lovers. With this Traditional Matcha Kit you can experience elements of the art of the Japanese tea ceremony at home. The KIT KAT flavour that won over Japan has arrived in Canada! Premium Japanese Matcha sourced from Japan and perfected for bubble tea in … I can't get enough! KIT KAT Matcha has a sweet matcha flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate, on crispy wafer. ★Tsuki★ has uploaded 2758 photos to Flickr. How about pairing our lovely sakura season with Japan's favorite confection and infuse the uniqueness of Japanese green tea? The kit also comes with the sleekiest, on-the-go classy tumbler! Matcha contains various active ingredients such as Polyphenol and Vitamin C, which is known to provide anti-oxidative effect. Japanese Kit Kat Japanese Candy Japanese Snacks Japanese Sweets Matcha Kit Kat Green Tea Kit Kat Kit Kat Flavors Kit Kat Bars Japan Sakura. Buy Online in Australia with Fast Shipping. But that doesn't mean that children don't like matcha-flavored ice cream or other sweets. ... Stay at home Tiger Matcha kit Everything needed for an authentic, Japanese ceremonial-tea experience - right from home! NESTLÉ KIT KAT® Matcha Green Tea Bar is a refreshing new flavour with the perfect balance of KIT KAT® crisp wafer enrobed in a smooth Matcha Green Tea Coating. Your #1 source for AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA TEA, Sourced directly from UJI Japan. Find more information on KitKat in Japan … In 2004, the ‘KitKat Uji Matcha’ was released. Find out more. With a smooth texture, a mellow flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste, this wafer bar is sure to not disappoint green tea enthusiasts. Plum and cherry blossoms are are starting to make their presence known all across the country. HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT®. The 5-piece Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Duo-Set is the best choice for most people, both beginners and connoisseurs.. Why Cuzen. By doubling the quantity of Uji Matcha green tea, Nestle have created a “strong, rich & genuine” Uji Matcha flavor especially for adults. And then there's the Kit Kat gift series, available in the Kansai region of Japan, which features a Green Tea Kit Kat created in collaboration with a Japanese tea manufacturer. I still have a whole bunch of Kit Kat eating to do. ... Organic matcha green tea leaves grown in Japan. Ippodo - Matcha Starter Kit (100 tip) 一保堂抹茶工具包This matcha starter kit from Ippodo aims to provide an easy way for newcomers to become acquainted with matcha. Authentic Japanese Matcha Kit - 5 Matcha + 1 Brew Ware 100+ Cups Introducing our exclusive line of 100% Pure & Authentic Matcha sourced from the bountiful lands of Shizuoka, Japan. Picture courtesy KitKat Japan. Lifestyle; Food & Drink; Green Tea Kit Kat is finally coming to the UK after matcha flavour was wildly popular in Japan The green coloured snack has been a firm favourite in Japan since 2004 KitKat, chocolate covered wafers from the UK, have gained legions of fans across the globe, and Japan is no exception. It was named Hajime-no-Ippodo in the hopes that it would be Ippodo that introduced beginners to the joys of matcha. Sakura Matcha Kit Kat. This bag contains 12 individually wrapped mini bars. Tiger Matcha. Bamboo whisk, Bamboo spoon, Matcha Bowl and Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder. 西尾の抹茶 (Nishio no Matcha) is a well-known brand of them that is accepted by Japan Patent Office. A full set of essential tools for the preparation of authentic Japanese Matcha Tea at home. Matcha is your match ️ Choose Your Size and Toppings and Brew It Your Way. The aroma of Sakura Matcha Kit Kats is less matcha-heavy than the aroma of regular Matcha Kit Kats. Among the 350+ flavors of KitKat that Nestlé Japan has introduced are flavors that take you on a tour of Japan, However, out of all the flavors, matcha stands out from the rest. 1: FRESHLY GROUND. This kit includes the following contents: * Matcha (Kimmo-no-mukashi 20g Can) - A light everyday matcha tea powder that is ideal for first-time matcha tea drinkers. Kinako Ohagi (Roasted Soybean Rice Ball) Shizuoka (静岡) The rise of KitKat in Japan began in the year 2000 with a strawberry flavor version. It is finally springtime! Treat yourself with these Kit Kat Sakura Matcha Chocolates! First introduced to Japan in 1973, it quickly became a best-seller. We named it Hajime-no-Ippodo in the hopes that it would be Ippodo's matcha that introduced beginners to the joys of matcha. Matcha Kit Kats are only one of the many interesting (and usually pretty good) Kit Kat flavors available in Japan, but they’re my favorite. The new Apple Pie Flavored KitKat(12 minis for 500 yen) offered as part of the Halloween range is another edition of the "Adult Sweetness" series.This series promises to be not too sweet and suited for a more grown-up palate. The tea used in Japan's traditional tea ceremony is called matcha, and it has a deep green color with a bittersweet taste. We craft the highest quality matcha in the world with a simple & radical idea: aim for purity, and exert the most demanding taste-making skills.. Our teas are one-of-a-kind, and extremely rare: less than 100kg are produced every year. At MMU we see matcha as a pure, un-compromised green material; a substance not unlike water, gold, mercury, or precious stone. After reading customer reviews and comparing several matcha tea sets, we’ve picked three favourites. Among the ones I’ve tried, anyway. Experience matcha at the height of its freshness. Gone are the days of wind and cold, blustery weather full of rain and snow! Hooray! Compared to the blended matcha of Uji, Wazuka-cho produces a single-origin matcha. NEW KIT KAT Matcha is one of the most popular Japanese snacks in the world. Our Japanese Matcha Ceremonial Kit is the ultimate connoisseur gift set for preparing and enjoying Japanese matcha green tea at home. Itohkyuemon's founder Tsuneemon Itoh began selling tea in Uji Tawara Town in 1832. Usually sold only during springtime in Japan, these Kit Kats are inspired by the season's cherry blossoms. $50.96 $67.94 There are plenty of snacks sold in Japan that use matcha. 369. With the introduction of a new technology to mix matcha powder into chocolate, the product became a huge hit. It's also fairly floral. The flavor is a mix of a sweet Sakura flower, fine Matcha green tea, and the luxurious Kit Kat white chocolate! Our indulgent Matcha latte and boba kit includes everything you need to make five blissful servings of this full-bodied caffeinated, organic green tea with a touch of sweetened condensed milk, now with a pack of boba! An everyday staple in Japan, matcha (green tea) is so popular that it was turned into a Kit Kat flavour. Nishio in Aichi prefecture (西尾, 愛知県) Aichi prefecture is known to be the 2nd largest production of matcha next to Kyoto. Kit Kat Mini Thick Matcha Tea (Pack of 12) - The flavor of matcha green tea is exactly what most people in Japan think as something that a grown-up will enjoy. As a store that specializes in Japanese green teas, including matcha, Ippodo provides this matcha starter kit with the aim of providing an easy way for newcomers to become acquainted with matcha. No other country in the world has as many Kit Kat flavors as Japan does, having released over 200 flavors since 2000.