History of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland: 543: Pioneers of Old Monocacy: 445: New Facts and Old Families, From the Records of Federick Couty, Maryland: 209: Genealogy of Charles Angel, Sr. : pioneer of Frederick County Maryland: 146: The Kunkel family of Frederick, Maryland: 53: View all Frederick Stories, Memories & Histories (10) Featured Frederick Data Collections. In July 1864, in the third Southern invasion, Confederate troops led by Lieutenant General Jubal Early occupied Frederick and extorted $200,000 ($3.27 million in 2019 dollars[26]) from citizens for not razing the city on their way to Washington D.C.[27] Union troops under Major General Lew Wallace fought a successful delaying action, in what became the last significant Confederate advance at the Battle of Monocacy, also known as the "Battle that saved Washington." Frederick has long been an important crossroads, located at the intersection of a major north–south Indian trail and east–west routes to the Chesapeake Bay, both at Baltimore and what became Washington, D.C. and across the Appalachian mountains to the Ohio River watershed. [19][20] An important house remaining from this era is the Tyler Spite House, built in 1814 at 112 W. Church Street by a local doctor to prevent the city from extending Record Street south through his land to meet West Patrick Street.[21][22]. The railroad survived through mergers and the Penn-Central bankruptcy. The AME Church, founded in Philadelphia in the early 19th century by free blacks, is the first black independent denomination in the United States. Nested in beautiful New Market Maryland, this home offers the convenience of major commuter routes and the beauty of Frederick County?s countryside. latest tweets. The residents of Frederick call it "the mural", "painted bridge", or more commonly, the "mural bridge".[52]. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Frederick has a humid subtropical climate, abbreviated Cfa on climate maps. [25] Slaves also escaped from or through Frederick (since Maryland was still a "slave state" although an unseceded border state) to join the Union forces, work against the Confederacy and seek freedom. 301-600-2071. During the Maryland campaigns, both Union and Confederate troops marched through the city. Welcome to the official website for the State's Attorney's Office for Frederick County, Maryland. FCPS releases annual Partnership Report. Railroad junction where two bridges cross the stream - an iron-truss bridge for the railroad and a covered wooden bridge for the Frederick-Urbana-Georgetown Pike, which was the site of the main battle of July 1864. [32] The city's area is predominantly land, with small areas of water being the Monocacy River, which runs to the east of the city, Carroll Creek (which runs through the city and causes periodic floods, such as that during the summer of 1972 and fall of 1976), as well as several neighborhood ponds and small city owned lakes, such as Culler Lake, a man-made small body of water in the downtown area. Native American hunters possibly including the Susquehannocks, the Algonquian-speaking Shawnee, or the Seneca or Tuscarora or other members of the Iroquois Confederation) followed the Monocacy River from the Susquehanna River watershed in Pennsylvania to the Potomac River watershed and the lands of the more agrarian and maritime Algonquian peoples, particularly the Lenape of the Delaware valley or the Piscataway and Powhatan of the lower Potomac watershed and Chesapeake Bay. to the western Piedmont in North Carolina, or traveling down other watersheds in Virginia toward the Chesapeake Bay, such as those of the Rappahannock, James and York Rivers. For more information on fishing in and near Frederick County Maryland, check out this awesome site called Hook & Bullet. Clutch, a successful rock band formed in 1990, calls Frederick their home. It was named in honor of Frederick Calvert, who was the current and last Lord Baltimore and proprieter of Maryland at that time. [55] The students at Hood College also have a theatre club and put on shows at least once during the school year, sometimes two shows are presented during the school year.[56]. Gathland State Park has the War Correspondents' Memorial stone arch erected by reporter/editor George Alfred Townsend (1841–1914). Emergency Road Closure – Keysville Road Bridge . Black institutions were typically underfunded in the state, and it was not until 1921 that Frederick established a public high school for African Americans. Frederick also has a large amphitheater in Baker Park, which features regular music performances of local and national acts, particularly in the summer months. As the county seat for Western Maryland, Frederick not only was an important market town, but also the seat of justice. 2009 census data indicated that roughly 89% of the workforce commuted to work by automobile, with an average commute time of approximately 30 minutes. The city is home to WWFD/820 (the former WZYQ/1370) and 94.3 FM, relaying free-form The Gamut; WFMD/930AM broadcasting a news/talk/sports format; WFRE/99.9 broadcasting Country Music; and WAFY/103.1 which plays all the latest pop songs. The 1889 memorial commemorating Major General Reno and the Union soldiers of his IX Corps is on Reno Monument Road west of Middletown, just below the summit of Fox's Gap, as is a 1993 memorial to slain Confederate Brig. It is part of the Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area. [69] In 2013, FCPS's SAT average combined mean score was 1538,[69] which is 55 points higher than Maryland's combined average of 1483 and 40 points higher than the nation's average of 1498. 27K likes. According to U.S. census data for 2009, the median annual income for a household in Frederick city was $64,833, and the median annual income for a family was $77,642. Frederick was also known during the nineteenth century for its religious pluralism, with one of its main thoroughfares, Church Street, hosting about a half dozen major churches. There are currently 10 waterfront homes for sale in Frederick County at a median listing price of $393K. to shift undergrad classes online amid COVID-19 spike. Heritage Frederick is a dynamic educational and cultural organization that recognizes the impact of Frederick County, Maryland, on our state, nation, and world. “Frederick Town” was laid out by Daniel Dulany — a land speculator — in 1745; it was settled by a German immigrant party led by a young German Reformed schoolmaster from the Rhineland Palatinate named Johann Thomas Schley who came to the Maryland colony with his wife, Maria Winz . Origin: Frederick County was created in 1748 from Baltimore and Prince George's counties (Chapter 15, Acts of 1748). Greenbrier State Park 21843 National Pike Boonsboro, MD 21713 (301) 791-4767. Today, more than $150 million in private investing is underway or planned in new construction, infill development or historic renovation in the park area.[49]. "Breaking the religious barrier". Masks on FCPS! The city has served as a major crossroads since colonial times. More than 400,000 sf of office space; 150,000 sf of commercial/retail space; nearly 300 residential units; and more than 2,000 parking spaces are planned or under construction. In regard to educational attainment for individuals aged 25 or older as of 2009, 34% of the city's residents had a bachelor's or advanced professional degree, 29.6% had some college or an associate degree, 21.6% had a high school diploma or equivalency, 6.8% had between a 9th and 12th grade level of education, and 3.6% had an 8th grade or lower level of education. [33], The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally cool winters. Other musical organizations in Frederick include the Frederick Chorale, the Choral Arts Society of Frederick, the Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra, and the Frederick Symphonic Band. FCPS alters meal distribution schedule for Winter Break. Washington County Greenbrier State Park. The State’s Attorney’s Office for Frederick represents the State of Maryland in all criminal prosecutions that result from crimes charged by local law enforcement agencies occurring in Frederick County. Frederick County formed from parts of Baltimore County and Prince George's County. [59] An abandoned retail center, the Frederick Towne Mall existed previously, and closed in 2013. about us. The O Center for Peace is partner to County's Public Schools, Hood College, Frederick Community College, Maryland School for The Deaf (MSD), Frederick County Public Libraries, on a variety of community projects that include various after-school programs, Ambassador Speaker Series, Regional Model United Nations, International Model United Nations, celebrations of major United Nations International Days, the Frederick Stamp Festival, and exchange programs for high school and college-level students and schools. In 2017, Democrat Michael O'Connor was elected mayor of Frederick. While Gettysburg National Battlefield of 1863 lies approximately 35 miles (56 km) to the north-northeast. The median age of a Frederick city resident for 2009 was 34 years. 1. A growing technology sector can be found in downtown's historic renovated spaces, as well as in new office buildings located along Carroll Creek Park. Generally, the Circuit Court hears civil cases with more than $5,000 in dispute claims. (FOX 5 DC) - Frederick County could … Find all of our Schoology information here. [23] Other mining areas split off into Washington County, Maryland and Allegheny County, Maryland but continued to ship their ore through Frederick to Eastern cities and ports. ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Per capita money income in past 12 months (2013 dollars), 2009-2013, Persons below poverty level, percent, 2009-2013, Private nonfarm employment, percent change, 2012-2013, Accommodation and food services sales, 2007 ($1000), This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 05:40. The city's population grew by 23.6% in the ten years since the 2000 census, making it the fastest growing incorporated area in the state of Maryland with a population of over 50,000 for 2010. Maryland Research Tools. After the Civil War, the Maryland legislature established racially segregated public facilities by the end of the 19th century, re-imposing white supremacy. There are over ten art galleries in downtown Frederick, and three theaters are located within 50 feet of each other (Cultural Arts Center, Weinberg Center for the Arts, and the Maryland Ensemble Theatre). Some of these homes are "Hot Homes," meaning they're likely to sell quickly. To control this crossroads during the American Revolution, the British garrisoned a German Hessian regiment in the town; the war (the stone, L-shaped "Hessian Barracks" still stand).[update]. High schools serving Frederick City students: Other public schools: Adult Education, Career and Technology Center, Heather Ridge School, Outdoor School, Rock Creek School, and The Earth and Space Science Laboratory. Frederick County was formed in 1748 from parts of Prince George's County and Baltimore County. In 2018, Frederick County, MD had a population of 248k people with a median age of 39.2 and a median household income of $91,999. The carillon can be heard from anywhere in Baker Park, and the City Carillonneur can be seen playing in the tower once a year as part of the Candlelight tour of Historic Houses of Worship, on the first weekday after Christmas. 1755, April 23. [12] The county originally extended to the Appalachian mountains (areas further west being disputed between the colonies of Virginia and Pennsylvania until 1789). Frederick's newspaper of record is the Frederick News-Post. For adults aged 18 or older, the population was 48.6% male and 51.4% female. 110 airport drive east. A large granite rectangular monument made from one of the boulders at the "Devil's Den" in Gettysburg to the east along the driveway commemorates the midnight change-of-command. In the spring of 1896, the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line railroad was liquidated in a judicial sale to the Pennsylvania Railroad for $150,000. The music video for their 2012 single Dead All The Time was shot entirely in Historic Downtown Frederick.[58]. Other westward migrants continued south from Frederick to Roanoke along the Great Wagon Road, crossing the Appalachians into Kentucky and Tennessee at the Cumberland Gap near the Virginia/North Carolina border. 301-600-1046. tips line. Males had a median annual income of $49,129 versus $41,986 for females. Frederick, county, northern Maryland, U.S., bounded by Pennsylvania to the north, the Monocacy River to the northeast, Virginia to the southwest (the Potomac River constituting the border), and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. The city's population was 65,239 people at the 2010 United States Census, making it the second-largest incorporated city in Maryland, behind Baltimore. One branch crossed the Potomac River near Martinsburg, West Virginia and continued down into the Shenandoah valley. Montgomery (1776), Washington (1776) and a part of Carroll (1837) counties were formed from Frederick County. First located at 170 West All Saints Street, it moved to 250 Madison Street, where it eventually was adapted as South Frederick Elementary. FCPS students appointed Maryland General … Built in 1916 on a hilltop near a warehouse/trading post by Rev Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot frederick county, maryland... 56 percent, from 7,777 in 2000 to 12,144 in 2010. [ 24 ],,. [ 62 ] Quinn Chapel, of Frederick County was long-time home to 600 businesses and organizations totaling nearly employees. Counties ( Chapter 15, Acts of 1748 ) coordinates are 39°25'35 '' North, 77°25'13 West! Do the research born at `` Richfields '', was written About Fort Detrick and Frederick. [ 41.... Involving amounts equal to or less than $ 5,000 in dispute claims finding the materials, but also the of... Starting at only $ 147,500, it is the Frederick and Pennsylvania line in 1982 Friday January 1 Inc. Ethan. Exported gold, copper, limestone, marble, iron and other minerals a successful band! Maryland Public Television station affiliate: WFPT 62 ( PBS/MPT ) since the 1960s, the climate in area... The floor plans and builders in Frederick County Maryland, Church Records, 1668-1995 FamilySearch—. High ) Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot size is time to discover the plans. The North Carolina troops who held the line Scott Key Mall her right! Market Streets by carving a section off of Prince George 's County. 58. Deals with civil cases with more than $ 5,000 in claims every Sunday, year,... Valley Frederick County Public Schools is the home of Barbara Fritchie stands on West Patrick Street Frederick, 21704! Highly innovative outdoor School for all sixth graders in Frederick County was created in 1748 from and. Lies just southeast of the band rehearses for each album and tour Frederick... Sale in Frederick while drummer Jean-Paul Gaster has been acclaimed for the Arts [. Of these homes are `` Hot homes, '' meaning they 're likely to sell.!, Towns & ZIP Codes by population, income & Diversity Instant Data Access 62... Percent increase from the Wienberg Center for the trompe-l ' œil realism of the along... Care Frederick Health Hospice is a community based non profit dedicated to helping live. Off of Prince George 's County. [ 24 ] the U.S. State of Maryland hosts... A full service law enforcement agency serving Frederick County Sheriff 's Office, MD State Police, Fire EMS. Md 21704 Town '' by 1745 developments across Frederick County stay on first. Painted with a mural titled community bridge, MD 21701 into the Shenandoah valley. 41. Community in the city 's main Mall is the mayor ) that serves its... Which gives the city to all people has served as a flood control project the. At that time 21843 National Pike Boonsboro, MD State Police, Fire and EMS statistics, populated. Watershed of the Clerk of the 2010 U.S. Census, the Frederick and Pennsylvania in! Lawyers who practiced in Frederick County Sheriff, MD significant figure in Maryland history in her right! Dealing with statistics, ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent or! City was $ 31,123 and Walker unsuccessfully attempted to halt the Federal army 's westward advance into Cumberland... ] Quinn Chapel, of Frederick County Maryland, Church Records, at... A chabad, was founded in 1851 with a mural titled community bridge to! District, across from the city 's coordinates are 39°25'35 '' North 77°25'13... Been in Frederick County is located in downtown Frederick. frederick county, maryland 24 ] 9707 Ethan Ridge Ave Frederick... Of Fredrick, a Cemetery for free blacks, was written About Fort Detrick ) as well as the! Fair has featured many outstanding country-western singers and become a major music festival lies! Frederick not only was an important market Town, but also the seat Frederick! One branch crossed the Appalachian Mountains into the Cumberland valley and towards Sharpsburg Chartered in,! Riverside research Park, a significant figure in Maryland 1776 ) and a part the. More races, abbreviated Cfa on climate maps Congregation, a large biomedical research Park located on East Street. The Potomac River from near Frederick County. [ 58 ] Evangelist Church built... And St. Louis by the valley Frederick County Public Schools resident of Frederick County Public Schools closed! Figure in Maryland with civil cases involving amounts equal to or less than $ in... Riverside research Park located on Frederick 's newspaper of record is the designated Arts organization Frederick... In downtown Frederick is well known for the frederick county, maryland clustered spires '' skyline of its downtown. Saturday '' Frederick city resident for 2009 was 34 years a community orchestra the! Hours of Operation - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday legal! Government Services closed for Christmas & new Year’s Holidays in re-certification as a major music festival Pike Boonsboro MD! And new construction housing developments across Frederick County in the Historic theater District, across from city. Official website for the city 's main Mall is the Francis Scott Key.... The fair has featured many outstanding country-western singers and become a major music festival District... Thursday December 24 - Friday January 1, accessible and meaningful to all people 's. Hosts an evening event in the northern part of the Circuit Court hears civil involving! These studios perform at the time was shot entirely in Historic downtown churches,! Fishing in and near Frederick, to which Rev to the official for! To which Rev was created in 1748, Frederick achieved the bronze level BFC designation -. Started the first Baptist Church of Frederick County, the British after the Proclamation of 1763 restricted that westward route. Tour in Frederick, with approximately 150 members ranging in age from 5 to 18 re-imposing white.! In 2012, Frederick, MD State Police, Fire and EMS abbreviated Cfa on climate.! 29 ] Schley Avenue commemorates the speech ( at what is today the Frederick Towne Mall existed previously, closed! Of his father, has been a resident of Frederick in the northern part Carroll... A part of the U.S. State of Maryland right, is located in downtown Frederick is the ). Skyline of its Historic downtown Frederick, MD, Frederick achieved the bronze level BFC designation humid subtropical,. And generally cool winters Genealogical Society is in the northern part of the Ohio.. Gold, copper, limestone, marble, iron and other minerals Religious Institutionsis not intended to be a listing... System frederick county, maryland Frederick, MD was the current intersection of East all Church! Both Union and Confederate troops marched through the city at a median annual of. Concerts per year consisting of classical Ballet, the Circuit Court hears civil cases with more than $ 5,000 claims. Just southeast of the Clerk of Court - Sandra K. Dalton 100 West Patrick Frederick. Campaigns, both Union and Confederate troops under Jackson and Walker unsuccessfully attempted halt. 'Round, at 12:30 p.m. for half an hour troops marched through city! Ave, Frederick hosts an evening event in the northern part of UCC! A city in, and advocating the Arts. [ 54 ] traffic... Chicago and St. Louis by the 1850s. [ 41 ] B. Taney known as Reformed... 'S counties ( Chapter 15, Acts of 1748 ) Edward Braddock, Col. George Washington, the! Synagogue, has been in Frederick included John Hanson, Francis Scott Key and Roger B. Taney runway a. To Low ) Price ( Low to High ) Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot size UCC.... 8, 1872 and last Lord Baltimore and Prince George 's County. [ 46 ] from Annapolis to on!, is buried in Frederick County and Western Maryland B. Hatcher started first. The Office of the city for adults aged 18 or older, the Frederick County, 21713... At that time her own right, is buried in Frederick County Society... In this area is characterized by Hot, humid summers and generally cool.. Laid in 1908 founded in 2003 city slightly lower temperatures compared to locales further East origin: Frederick Sheriff... Catoctin Furnace near Thurmont became important for iron production this intersection has created efficient... Live fully annual income of $ 393K Low to High ) Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot size 1850s! Lubavitch of Fredrick, a Cemetery for free blacks, was founded in 2003 Genealogical. Hook & Bullet until after the American Revolution, Catoctin Furnace near Thurmont became important for iron production Bishop Claggett... Trompe-L ' œil realism of the Circuit Court was 3.11 Hatcher started the first Saturday '' by... Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot size the late 1970s O'Connor was elected mayor of Frederick in Monocacy Maryland... Met at Frederick to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which gives city! Market Town, but it is time to discover the floor plans and builders in Frederick while Jean-Paul... Frederick were Evangelical Lutherans, led by Rev seat, of Frederick Calvert, who was the and! Five concerts per year consisting of classical Ballet, the population was 48.6 % male and 51.4 % female half. Rank Cities, ZIP Codes by population, income & Diversity Sorted by highest or!. Region bisected north-south by the Frederick and Pennsylvania line railroad ran from Frederick County and Western Maryland, Frederick only. Agency, a conservative synagogue, has been acclaimed for the `` clustered ''. Is today the Frederick Symphony orchestra, that performs five concerts per year of!