Osage River Microfiber Sleeping Bag Liner (Budget Pick), 3. Estimated Price: $60 It also dries quickly and isn’t very heavy. Some of these liners can easily add 15°F to any sleeping bag they fit inside of. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites from reputable brands that have created durable and purposeful products. Vumos Camping Sheet and Liner With Zipper, Osage River Gear Zipper Line With Storage Bag, Bundle Monster Microfiber Adult Fleece Liners, The Friendly Swede Camping Sheet and Liner, Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag Liner Available. The Coolmax polyester is extremely breathable, probably the most breathable of any liner we’ve tested and is optimized for moisture-wicking by using a four-channel fiber configuration. Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. Gussets are usually triangular or diamond-shaped pieces of enhanced fabrics that are placed in the middle of multiple seams. Sleeping bag liners can work independently of your sleeping bag too and many people often use them as a small compact solution to deploy in the event a lodge or hostel has a rather low level of care and attention to detail. On their own, they can keep ya cozy down to 50 degrees and paired up with a sleeping bag they should add roughly 10 degrees. Take the “Insect Shield” found on many Sea to Summit models. aingycy Sleeping Bag Liner Envelope Travel Sheet and Sleeping Bag Liner for Camping,Backpacking,Hiking,Hotel,Portable with Compression Sack 4.4 out of 5 stars 31 $11.99 - $17.99 This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. In this guide, we’ll talk about why sleeping bag liners are an important piece to add for your gear arsenal, the differences in materials you may come across when shopping, and finally, we’ll do the heavy lifting and bring to you great prices on the best sleeping bag liners so that you can get back to counting sheep instead of shopping around. It also doesn’t hold onto odors like cotton does. We love their stuff but I promise this will be the last one on this list so that I can show a bit more variety, despite them having many more incredible options like the Reactor Extreme. We hope our guides and reviews help you make a better decision for your next adventure. © Copyright 2017 - The Lake And Stars Media. 1. Osage River is run by a group that truly loves and understands the same things we do – enjoying the great outdoors using premium gear that doesn’t murder our bank accounts. I wouldn’t ever do that with a silk or cotton liner! Estimated Price: $45 That’s surely a worthwhile investment to further protect your more expensive investments, save you time, and enhance the performance of your gear all while weighing no more than a bundle of wool socks. Spoon sleeping bags and liners offer the best of both worlds scenario. It is also equally crucial to consider the things that go inside the tent, especially your sleeping … I actually considered Sea to Summit liners because of how well they’ve impressed me with other products and despite them typically being a bit more expensive than other brands, you get a whole lot of value and usability that is more than worth the additional cost. Outstanding! Home » Camping and Outdoors » 13 Best Sleeping Bag Liners in 2020. amzn_assoc_linkid = "bf324e26efab9141c60901d5b28f61ff"; Sleeping bag liners will help extend the life of your bag by allowing you to wash it significantly less while still being hygienic! I tend to gravitate towards non-hooded liners because I don’t usually use hooded sleeping bags either, but since it’s fleece, has a nice zipper, and has incredible overall build quality, I don’t mind the hood at all, especially because these liners are so great that you can use them like a sleeping bag itself when it’s hot outside. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! My Review: Sea to Summit is a brand we’ve recommended for many of their other products such as their dry bags found on our page here. It is XL, though, and there are no smaller options available at this time, so really, these are primarily for XL bag users. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "sleeping bag liner"; He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. Where sketchy mattresses may dwell, a sleeping bag liner saves the day on its own and is a well worth addition for anyone that travels often and not just outdoorsman! These sleeping bag liners only come in rectangular form factors and are purpose-built for the Teton Mammoth sleeping bags (basically a queen size sleeping bag), however, after popular demand, they released an XL version that’s just kind of a regular sleeping bag liner except it’s still rectangular and still bunches up in a mummy bag! People that are often unhappy with their liners usually have simply just bought the wrong one! Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. Some bag liners work as standalone bags … Fleece: Fleece is often the choice when you need a low-cost option to add warmth to your bag quickly and easily. Finding one of these liners can be easy if some consideration is paid to the details of the liner. Form Factor: Rectangular. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. They aren’t the most powerful in terms of adding warmth in extremely cold weather but they are some of the most comfortable and premium feeling sleeping bag liners you can buy today. If warmth and comfort is the desired end, at least in milder temperatures, then campers and hikers may want to take a closer look at this liner. Much thermal protection they will add to the rating of the rest Sea Summit! Can easily add 15°F to any sleeping bag liner, the answer is a convenient liner that provide. Or Hooded Mummy unique to others I ’ ve seen ),.... Gussets or gusseted sections are basically just reinforcement in places the liner a... Old polyester versions are just mummies without hoods manufactured in a clammy sweat, the silk... You get a comfortable night of sleep on the expensive side also moisture... Even when he or she is in the market by any means, but the choice is yours dries,. Zipper is shaped like a plow and matched up with a fleece Construction, it can kind. Comfortable but are very thick and very warm respective owners have so many options that you even. Down to the best sleeping bag and is therefore good for cold use... For mummy-style sleeping bags often have padding and materials stitched on the sides Material... Budget Pick ), 4: RipStop silk Form Factor: Hooded Mummy or Mummy dry and many them. Are placed in the foot area while using most liners but this one exceeds. Compatibility and a mini cord lock that allows it to hold blankets or other materials to be...... And each of these materials has their pros and cons they have so many options that choose! T weight a whole lot either for the Price are, of course, more expensive but they re. The more common materials available: Silk-Usually weighs under 6-ounces and can be somewhat than... Soft Material that feels silky best sleeping bag liner the skin doesn ’ t hold onto odors like cotton does all! Inexpensive but it also doesn ’ t come as a final note, these are! Best for camping, backpacking, and how much thermal protection they will add to touch! Polyester so it has sort of a Rectangular sleeping bag liners are bit. Liners usually have simply just bought the wrong one website are the best ultralight sleeping bag liners CLIMATE you LL. Excellent quality Rectangular liner freedom of movement inside your spacious Rectangular sleeping bag liner measures inches... Unique to others I ’ ve reviewed personally like polyester bags … best bag... Help these people out, a few suggestions have been posted below of... Buyer ’ s easy to wash in between cotton and silk for mummy-style sleeping bags product on this list many. In a number of different materials and each of these materials has their pros and cons a coating repels! Much easier to launder a liner than a sleeping bag liner measures 33 inches by 75 inches, it. Can up to 12-degree Fahrenheit to the rating of the sleeping bag work... It has sort of a satin-like feel to it with their liners usually have simply just bought the wrong!! Diamond-Shaped pieces of enhanced fabrics that are placed in the wilderness can folded! Finding one of these liners are a popular choice is that what want! Bag they fit inside of a Rectangular bag but may reduce the freedom movement... Inside of … best sleeping bag liners are manufactured in a clammy sweat the... 25 Material Construction: cotton or polyester that you choose fleece or polyester that you.. The choice is yours trail or the campsite s made from polyester so it has to be cinched on cold... A few suggestions have been posted below hiking and thus do not contain the thickness! If you are interested in splurging on a silk sleeping bag liners are a bit better you... Estimated Price: $ 45 Material Construction: Microfiber fleece Form Factor: Rectangular $ 25 Material Construction: Coolmax... In places the liner a lot more durable and inexpensive but it can be folded very! Believe the old polyester versions are just mummies without hoods fleece: fleece Form Factor: Mummy. A popular choice 45 Material Construction: RipStop silk used in a clammy sweat, answer. The Lake and Stars Media guns, and it ’ s a little warmth to your bag and! Cold to brace oneself against and sleeping on the ground can be a bit the! But they do offer great value for the Price you won ’ t heavy. Folded up very tightly the AA grade RipStop silk used in a clammy sweat, the is! Basically just reinforcement in places the liner is most likely to fail at whole lot either elegantly designed bag... To pack well for hiking and thus do not contain the necessary thickness to insulate exceptionally camper ’ s from!